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Hotel Plattenhof

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You virtually have too much choice when you have to make up your mind on what to do during the day: A ramble downtown Zurich or stay in the attractive and Arcadian immediate environment of the Hotel Plattenhof like the Zurichberg-Zoo, the University or the near old town on the lakeside of Zurich. To choose where to put your car is easier. It’s either the underground garage or the outdoor parking-lots. Some of the stimulant diversity featured by this city becomes to a certain extent apparent if you look at the people from all stages of life staying in the hotel. There are students, professors, businessmen, physicians and many other kinds of people. Whilst having your satisfying breakfast, easygoing small talk will be the name of the game.

Hotel Plattenhof

Plattenstrasse 26

+41 (0)44 251 19 10